Midwest Renewable Energy, LLC (MRE) operates a dry-mill ethanol plant located near Sutherland, Nebraska. The plant generates fuel-grade ethanol via natural fermentation and distillation of corn, primarily for blending with gasoline and other motor fuels.
     Ethanol-blended fuels are one of the most effective means of reducing air pollution. As a clean-burning fuel, ethanol directly reduces pollution by displacing 10% of the gasoline fuel mixture. Unlike the gasoline mixture, ethanol contains oxygen which increases the efficiency of the combustion process, reducing the tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), oxides of nitrogen (NOx), particulate matter and ozone forming air toxics.
     A principal co-product of the ethanol production process at MRE are distillers grains which is the product remaining after the ethanol is removed from the fermented corn mash. Distillers grains are the non-fermentable components of the corn and are rich in cereal proteins, fat (energy), making it a high-protein, high-energy animal feed supplement marketed to the dairy, beef, swine and poultry industries.
     Corn syrup, another co-product is used as a feed additive and may be sprayed or applied to cattle feed such as corn stalks and hay to make the feed more palatable and nutritious.

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